Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Draft of CXXII Cantos

being first year associate attorney doing doc review - flying jet over libya to defend the united states

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Draft of CXXI Cantos

Shaolin master. Baseball game – fat slob – cave drawing on wall of selfish girl having fun at party at baseball game from now-fat former shaolin student who got lupus or some other disease involving the scientific letters “DJ.” Shoalin master realizes it was worth it. former student had committed unselfish act for lonely selfish girl. Question is what shaolin master had done for fat former-student: he had not trained him as shaolin monk, but rather had done something one-off to help him.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Remediation, Or: Perfect Acai Consumer Bill of Rights

acai scam scam exposed scam exposed

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Wut is the dialectic of enlightenment
Wut is biopower
Wut is empire
Wut is the rhizome

Monday, April 27, 2009

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igot2lambos (3 days ago)  
what is the meaning, do u know?
Jopekar (3 days ago)  
look in the info thingy to the right
igot2lambos (1 day ago)  
i c
jakeryan37 (5 days ago)  
this song is beautiful and deep,no words are nessesary

The hypnotically ambient "Sweet Lullaby" combines contemporary dance rhythms with melodies sampled from the indigenous vocal chants of Central Africa, the South Pacific, and other ancient cultures.

Upon hearing the tune, Tarsem says he was temporarily lured away from the lucrative commercial industry by the pure, young voice of a Pygmy girl singing a cappella at the close of the track.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Being Emphatic, Post-9/11

Postmodern Bonnie and Clyde:

To: {souleater}

From: runawaydevil

Subject: Re: Hello there!


well you see... [color=red][size=5]i fucking love you! [/size] [/color]



Msg id: 1302244771

To: {souleater} (1340807)

From: runawaydevil (1209054)

Date: Wed Mar 8, 2006 9:00 am

Subject: Re: Lyrics!


Aha yey! you make me feel so loved :hearts: and yes i do love you,

Your wonderful *kiss*




Msg id: 1302290948

To: runawaydevil (1209054)

From: {souleater} (1340807)

Date: Wed Mar 8, 2006 10:59 am

Subject: Re (2): Hello there!


Well thanx fer caring so fucking much you, you, you sexy beast you!

tehee ttyl

18r beautiful!




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To: runawaydevil (1209054)

From: {souleater} (1340807)

Date: Wed Mar 8, 2006 11:12 am

Subject: Re (2): Lyrics!


Yeah I'm so glad that you feel that way about my cuz I love you too! so

You didn't call last night what's up? well I hope that you have a good day

today & hopefully I'll ttyl tonight or something! well *hugz&kissez!* XOXOXO

Take Care!





Msg id: 1330764621

To: runawaydevil (1209054)

From: {souleater} (1340807)

Date: Mon Mar 20, 2006 1:00 pm

Subject: Hey Beautiful!



Hey howz it goin'? I'm ok I guess... but I'm still sorry that you got into trouble! :( & when I tried to call ashley I was thinking of you & I think that when I went to dail her number to apologize I accidently dailed your number I'm so so sorry! :( That totally sux that your grounded for a month! God your parents are totally unfair! :cussing: My mother was nothing like your parents... know why cuz she'z been living on her own since she was 15 and she used to hang out with 25 year olds and stuff so she knows what it's like to be us... :) too bad your parents don't.... they should get with the program and realize that times are ever changing and they can't stop it!... like what if man kinds life style changes are they going to refuse to change too! cuz they won't make it very far then! well I hope to talk to you some time soon, I miss you! *singing* "I want you, I need you, I have you, I won't let anybody have you", tehee Slipknot rulez! :D well hope to see you soon or sumthin'! Take Care! Love You! :love:


Msg id: 1331568479

To: {souleater} (1340807)

From: runawaydevil (1209054)

Date: Mon Mar 20, 2006 7:10 pm

Subject: Re: Hey Beautiful!


rawr i hate them

so i have this plan

it begins with me killing them

and ends with me living with you

so we are set

im going to try and call you but i really dont know if i'll be able to


they are treating me like shit

i hate them sooo much

but i love you and hope this wont bring us far apart

i hope to talk to you soon

love you with all my heart



Msg id: 1334483680

To: runawaydevil (1209054)

From: (souleater} (1340807)

Date: Tue Mar 21, 2006 9:51 pm

Subject: Re (2): Hey Beautiful! 

Well I love your plan but we need to get a little more creative with

Like details & stuff! I wish they wouldn't treat you that way! grrrr! it angers me to hear that I dislike them very much! Don’t worry I love you too… my sexy beast! I hope to hear from you soon too! Take Care my love! You have the key to my heart & soon enough you shall have my heart… if I die anyways cuz if I give it to you now I’ll die then you won’t be able to hear me say how much I love you!

:love: XOXOXO :love

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROTFLAMO!!!!

How can affect manifest itself in LOLspeak? Or, to ask a slightly more modest question: how can one convey emotion in an online conversation? Precisely those "expressions" that have been created to, supposedly, replicate nonverbal signals - smileys, LOL, :hearts:, etc - seem to deaden online text. "LOL," used unironically, kills a joke in a way that "real" laughter never could.  We could blame "online chatting," blogging, short-form and poorly edited online content as formats; we could suggest that these are simply structurally impoverished media, unable to convey a full range of human emotions.  Yet, as I think comes across very strongly in the above, there is something intensely "pathetic" (i.e., pathos-evoking) about LOLspeak. If one puts enough exclamation points after LOL, it becomes a bit uncanny; that is, this excessive emphasis highlights the impossibility of the task at hand (to convey a spontaneous gesture using a repeatable symbol) by harping on the need to add emphasis to something that by definition must be self-sufficient (an out-loud laugh). Yet here is another source of uncanniess: a laugh is supposed to represent plenitude; inasmuch as LOL fails to achieve this plenitude (or ":hearts: xoxoxoxxoxoxo" fails to be a gesture of genuine love), it "represents" the implicit failure of these "real" gestures on a level that is paradoxically more "immediate." There is something repulsive about "LOL" (even more so with LMAO, or <8,>

Does this mean that LOLspeak is the only possible critical language in which to assess the manifest failure of new media to serve as a fulsome form of expression? Good question. I'm trying to write an article about this for n+1, the most important literary journal of our time (this is Gawker's best meme [pronounced "mi-mi", BTW] so far).

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Define Irony

Jonathan Krohn, 14, has written a book. It is 86 pages long. It is entitled Define Conservatism. LOL@ his age, his prepubescent voice, his home-schooling, the fact that he plays golf. Etc.

More interesting: the book's title. There is something about it that stands out. On the one hand, it has the naive, overly-literal simplicitly of a 14 year old who wrote a book: i.e., his book is an attempt to "define conservatism," which he claims has been bastardized into a political stance as opposed to a philosophy (? I think this is what he is saying, dunno tho). Thus, we might argue that he titled his book to straightforwardly reflect his aims. 

On the other hand, there is something of a conscious aesthetic choice. "Define Conservatism" has something of the ironic over-simplification, the post-double-entendre, about it.

This reminds one of the cover of a K. Anthony Appiah book, or perhaps:


One almost has the sense that Krohn is playing with our preconceptions; the title acts as an ironic gesture that anticipates objections based on his young age. I know you think I'm young, that I speak in declarative sentences and ask my parents the meaning of various common words. But in fact, it is you who is woefully ignorant: you who lambaste conservatism (that's you Barack - the "most radically leftist president in my lifetime!") don't even know what it means! Just as "Gay Ideas" - which evokes both a naive intellectualism (I'm gay, and these are my ideas), a naive homophobia (what a gay idea!), and a reappropriation of that homophobia - makes a highly self-aware aesthetic gesture that supersedes its supposedly straightforward denotative meaning, "Define Conservatism" seems to hint at a sophisticated grasp of the aesthetic possibilities of language - and perhaps the creation of an entirely new politics based on the endless play of signification. Look 4ward 2 seeing more!